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Driving licence

Driving License
If the licence is not in English, you must carry an accurate English translation.

Distance calculator

​Distance Calculator
To help you know the distances and the time between two places.

Driving Test

Driving Test
These 66 questions are the essential Road Code rules you need to know to help keep yourself safe on NZ's roads.


 Travel authorization to be requested at least 72 hours before departure.
Preferred app over  website



Type I    (AS/NZS 3112)

Consider taking a multiple socket to plug in several devices at the same time.

When leave?

When leave?
  1. Summer is the best period from December to February
  2. Autumn with a beautiful day but cooler
  3. Very rainy winter especially in the south
  4. Spring still some rains


The currency is New Zealand Dollars, the exchange rate is $ 1 (NZD) ~ € 0.6 (EUR) or, conversely, € 1 (EUR) ~ $ 1.7 (NZD)
The cost of living in New Zealand is around 10% more than in France. Mainly in terms of food and restaurant, less gasoline $ 1.9 (€ 1.14) and car rental (Ex-Toyota Rav4: 17 days rental from and return to Christchurch airport with Avis ~ $ 1200 (€ 716).
For hotel rooms the prices vary a lot because between hostels (often the lowest prices are shared dormitories), hotels and motels the offer ranges from $ 20 (€ 12) to over $ 150 (€ 90).

Internet (Wireless - mobile data 4G, 5G) - GPS


In hotels and motels, wifi is very often present and of good quality for current consultations or even video.
In public spaces, they are often of the correct quality, but the downside is that you often have to connect to different networks.

4G-5G mobile data (roaming)

Depending on your subscription, see if the country is included in the package (Europe is automatically included "voice and sms", check the amount of GB in your package for Europe.) Or often optional for international. Contact your suppliers for more details.
Consider having a VPN for security to protect your data. Prefer paid (~ 10 € / month) to free, often inefficient or dangerous.
Remember to switch off your "Mobile data" on your mobile phone before turning it off, because if not when the mobile is switched on, it will activate and this can be expensive up to 10 € / Mo (~ 1 email without attachment ).


If you need a GPS, Google maps comes in handy because you can use it offline. In the menu, select "Offline plan" then "select your plan" adjust the area to download then "download" in this mode, you do not have access to real-time traffic

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The North Island:
10-15 days of road trip

Auckland (J) to Paihia (B)
                   230 Km   3 hours 10 mins

Paihia (B) to Cape Reinga (C)
210 km   2 hours 50 mins

Cape Reinga (C) to Whangarei (D)
 270 Km   2 hours 05 mins

Whangarei (D) to Auckland (J)
                    160 km    2 hours 17 mins

Auckland (J) to Rotorua (F)
                    430 Km   6 hours 40 mins  

Rotorua (F) to Ohakume (G)
                    210 km   2 hours 30 mins

Ohakume (G) to Wellingtown (H)
                    290 Km   3 hours 30 mins

Wellingtown (H) to New Plymouth (I)
                 350 km   4 hours  30 mins

New Plymouth (I) to Auckland (J)
                  360 Km   4 hours 30 mins

Green: Hamilton to Matamata (Hobbiton village)
60 Km   55 mins

The tour of the 2 islands
 in +30 days

Combination of North and South Island road trips.

Plan the ferry crossing from Wellington to Picton (or vice versa) for a period of around 3 hours or 3 hours 30 depending on the company.

In greenHamilton to Matamata (Hobbiton village)

In black: Dunedin - Te Anau via Invercargill

In redWanaka - Greymouth via the Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier

The South Island:
15-20 days of road trip

Christchurch (A) to Dunedin (B)
                   360 km   4 hours 40 mins
Dunedin (B) to Te Anau (C)
                    289 km   3 hours 25 mins

Te Anau (C) to Queenstown (D)
                   270 Km   2 hours 05 mins

Queenstown (D) to Wanaka  (E)
69 km    1 hour 4 mins

Wanaka (E) to Lake Tekapo (F)
                   200 Km   2 hours 20 mins
                     Lake Tekapo (F) to Oxford
                    230 km   2 hours 30 mins

Oxford to Greymouth (G)
                     206 Km   2 hours 40 mins

Greymouth (G) to Motueka (H)
                    372 km   4 hours  50 mins

Motueka (H) to Blenheim (I)
                    183 km   2 hours 50 mins

Blenheim (I) to Christchurch (A)
 310 Km   4 hours

Christchurch (A) to Akaroa (J)
82 km  1 hour 30 min

Dark: Dunedin - Te Anau by Invercargill.
430 km 5 hours 30 min

Red:  Wanaka - Greymouth by Fox Glacier and Franz Josef Glacier. 
 450 km 5 hours 45 min